Has your business got your features ruffled?

We help coaches and creatives take off 
smoothly so they are free to help and inspire others
secretary bird - mascot for bravabird - blinking its eyes

You are amazing!

icon of a heart with spririt lines coming off it

And your clients agree.
You have become an expert in what you do best,
authentically offering specialized 


What if it’s easy? What if it’s fun?
What if it’s just finding a way to express yourself – simply and authentically?

Moving forward to an online business can be scary, overwhelming, and feel like a huge leap.


BUT . . .


We don’t just design websites. 
We give you everything you need to thrive online


Imagine…having an online presence that is unique and authentically YOU.

Your customer discovers your website, loves your products, 
AND wants to talk to you.


The spirit of your business is waiting for wings.

So, if you have no idea what to do next to bring your business online while staying true to 

YOU, we’re here. 

We’ll help you cover the distance to give your business wings. 

The spirit of your business is waiting for wings.


icon of a tweety bird

Take off. with ease.

We focus on the
3 Pillars of your business





We’ll take you under our wing
and transform your bird-brained idea
into a flourishing online business.

Your website is a living, breathing version of your brand.

bravabird sittig on a wire with other birds talking about branding

A brand is like a fingerprint... unique only to you. You ARE your brand and we are excited to work with you to allow your brand to take flight.

Your clients know and understand why they love working with you. We can't wait to help you find and finesse your beautiful business voice.

bravabird bird sitting on the world wide web

If you are excited about creating a beautiful website that sings, we'll support you on your next step. If you are tech saavy, we'll help you learn. With monthly group coaching, you'll see your online brand come alive in no time.

Or, just sit back and let us work our magic. We'll build it for you.

bravabird bird sitting on a mobile phone

You've finessed your brand, love what makes your customers special, and want to celebrate that golden connection by offering them an app.

Together we can find ways that your customer will carry you with them wherever they go and seamlessly access your services, with you in their pocket.

How we help you fly

You’re an important part of the process.
Let’s bring your brand to life.

Why Bravabird

Left Brain meets Right Brain.

North meets South. East meets West.  From across a hemisphere and a date line, two opposites migrated to one platform and Bravabird hatched.

Canadian artist and Australian business analyst.
Together we take your birdbrain ideas and help you build a thriving, efficient online business.

Fly above the rest… from ostrich to eagle.

Bravabird gives your business wings.

Heidi Hunter

Renaissance woman Heidi Hunter is a gifted, experienced teacher and marketing consultant, but most importantly a forever student. She breathes in creativity in all she does, specializing in taking half-baked ideas and bringing them to life.

Heidi helps you find your flow by uncovering your inner riches, giving you the confidence to launch an online business.

Together you’ll connect the dots so you can discover your unique brand which is authentically YOU.

image of Heidi Hunder

Helen Ronnenbergh

Corporate business analyst Helen Ronnenbergh is fine-tuning her dynamic energy to focus on supporting the small business owner. With creative flair, she assists entrepreneurs to build, grow and thrive online. Helen enjoys opportunities to help individuals morph with new technology, taking advantage of streamlined automation and efficient systems. Taking the complex and making it simple, she delights in helping you check off your to-do list.
helen ronnenbergh

Your website is a living, breathing version of your brand.