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Why Bravabird?

Once there was a feather waiting to be found. It drifted on a breeze that travelled far and wide.

Meanwhile, North met South on Zoom, and two minds came together. North was helping South add some creative flair to her website. South was teaching North how to automate her online business. North mentioned how so many creatives seem to think marketing is hard and could really use South’s help. South said it was her dream to design beautiful websites that ran seamlessly, replacing frustration with automation.


Together they said, “Well, let’s just help them.” With creativity and systems, so much can be achieved with ease. And a perfect match was hatched.


They put their heads together and thought of a symbol that would represent how they would help their clients. A feather of course, because building a business should be light and effortless. The feather took form and Bravabird emerged. A crazy looking secretary bird, with wild creative feathered crown and corporate black Capri pants.

secretary bird - mascot for bravabird - blinking its eyes

Heidi Hunter 

image of Heidi Hunder

Heidi has always been pretty tech savvy, and a creative at heart. With greater success came the nagging organizational tasks necessary to keep a business running smoothly. In fact, there was never enough time in the day for her to catch up. She loved staying connected with her customers, but had no time to communicate with them. They started to miss her on social media. She desperately needed an easier way to get tasks done as she pivoted from in-person to online.

Heidi is inspired by artists who embrace their “story” into their arts practice and visually represent what is so deeply in their hearts, to the world. She admires the courage and strength it takes to be authentic and vulnerable. She believes that each of us holds inner wisdom that is waiting to be heard.

Heidi is infatuated with the creative process. Her passion has always been coaxing and transforming half-baked ideas into reality. Taking time for this journey ensures an unexpected and often magnificent outcome.

Heidi’s goal is to help artists fall in love with marketing. And, surprise themselves when they discover that art and marketing are not mutually exclusive. She’s dedicated to helping them develop their brand and content while supporting their authenticity. She wants to teach them how being creative in business can spark brilliance in the studio.

A lifetime professional artist, she is wildly prolific, hosts events, and offers in-person and online classes. She is an inspiration to others to live an intentional and creative life.

Helen Ronnenbergh

When Helen started building websites, she was struck by how much technology cost. So, she hunted for easier and cheaper ways to create an online business. Many of these tools were clunky and hard to learn but she was determined, and figured it out. Then, technologies continued to change. Thankfully, building websites became a lot easier. However, there was still one thing Helen struggled with, and that was how to make them beautiful. She was so inspired when she found stunning and functional websites. It was like witnessing two worlds coming together. Taking the complex and making it simple really gets Helen’s juices going. She has a talent for defining order from chaos.

Even though it’s tough at times, doing what is promised is Helen’s non-negotiable. Be impeccable with your word.

Helen dreams of having thousands of client websites that have been touched by her, each representing a happy, successful customer. And, that makes her heart sing.

A qualified business analyst, coach and certified Block Therapist, Helen transverses the corporate and small business worlds, bringing together health and wellness with building a business.

photo of a secretary bird, ready to strike its prey

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